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Act now against advertising deductibility!

Congressional tax writers are discussing the specifics of the tax reform bill – including a possible tax on advertising – this week.  If your Representative is a member of the House Ways and Means Committee, or one of your Senators is on the Finance Committee, we implore you to contact them now and urge them to oppose any effort to change the tax status of advertising.

Members of the Committees are listed below and link to their websites where messages can be left.  We also urge you to contact their primary tax advisors.

If your Representative or Senators are not on the tax writing committees, please contact them and ask that they speak to their colleagues on the committees and urge them to leave advertising alone. Contact information for your Senators can be found here and Representatives here.

The goal of tax reform is to grow the economy.  A tax on advertising – a primary engine of that growth – would undermine that goal and be counter productive. According to studies designed by a Nobel winning economist a tax on advertising must be opposed because:

  • Advertising is the engine of the U.S. economy and generates $5.8 trillion in economic activity
  • Advertising supports 20 million American jobs
  • Every $1 million spent on advertising supports 67 jobs across American industries
  • Every advertising job supports 34 jobs across other industries.

Time is of the essence. We urge you to contact your Senators and Representatives today! 

Thank you for your support of the advertising industry and the AAF.

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October 13th, 2017