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Ad Persons

Ad Person Awards were established to recognize the men and women who excel in their area of expertise in the advertising industry. These awards are given to honor outstanding members for their contributions to the industry and local community.


Agency Executive Cleveland Spears III
Broadcast Salesperson Lee Stolf
Communications Support Person  Nickie Smith
Creative Services/Art Director/Copywriter Richard Landry
Online SalesPerson Matt Pruett
Account Service Person Lauren Wilson
Agency Media Person Erin Hayes
Most Promising Person Lindsey Gonzales
Project Manager/Project Coordinator Bryan Rice
Interactive Developer Shawn Bailey
Interactive Developer Steve Achord
Marketing Director Rachel Joyce
Operations/Administration Person Brenda Cole
Creative Production Shelby Hunter
Account Service Person Temple Ruff
Social Media Person Allison Stiel
Promotions/Special Events Coordinator Ronald Evangelista
Marketing Strategist Amy Hubbell



Agency Account Person Odette Rousseau
Broadcast Salesperson Brandi Theard
Communications Support Person April Hirsch
Creative Services/Art Director/Copywriter John Pucci
Digital Person Jason Van Pelt
Director/Producer/Creative Tech Sophie Gallo
Agency Media Person Jeremy Braud -and- Lorena Poche
Most Promising Person Megan Blaum
Project Manager/Project Coordinator Jacqui Gibson-Clark
Service Supplier Sales Person Paul Stackpole


Communications Support Person Kristen Duffee
Most Promising Person Megan Chauvin
Television Sales Person Denise Finegan
Marketing/Communications Director Nikki Brown
Agency Media Person Renee Stuart
Agency Account Executive Kayla Morgan
Top Executive Glenda McKinley English
Production Coordinator Sommer Arceneaux and Stephen Brown
Project Manager Jennifer Rockvoan
Creative Services/Art Director/Copywriter Carol Piatt
Director/Producer/Developer/Creative Technical Henry Rotering


Communications Support Person Jeff Shaw
Most Promising Person Dustin Kingsmill
Television Salesperson Scott McNulty
Radio Salesperson Tammy Laiche
Print Publication Salesperson Mark Foster
Internet Salesperson Janey Nackley
Other Media Salesperson Kevin Osborne
Promotions/Events Coordinator Jeanne Foster
Marketing Communications Director Jennifer Schlotbom
Agency Media Person Jennifer Huber
Agency Account Executive Laura Gold
Top Executive Nathan Chapman
Prodution Coordinator Nancy Agnelly
Project Manager Hunter Heitzman
Creative Services/Art Director/Copywriter Person Thom Henkel
Director/Producter/Developer/Creative Technical Person Miguel Gomez


Communications Support Person Lisa Kozinko
Most Promising Person Kady Collier
Television Salesperson Rocky Daigle
Radio Salesperson Melissa Bee
Print Publication Salesperson Danny Lacrouts
Internet Salesperson Kathryn Dunaway
Promotions/Events Coordinator Melissa Contrenstano
Marketing Communications Director Ann Wills
Agency Media Person Damien Lamanna
Agency Account Executive Andrea Morris
Top Executive Eric Morgan
Prodution Coordinator Sarah Spain
Creative Services/Art Director/Copywriter Person Lauren Alsop
Director/Producter/Developer/Creative Technical Person Nick Sagona


Communications Support Person Kendal Schroeder
Most Promising Person Rachael Casey
Television Salesperson Greg Saunders
Radio Salesperson Kacy Wainwright
Print Publication Salesperson Jason St. Cyr
Internet Salesperson Ray Zornman
Promotions/Events Coordinator Marilyn Kearney
Marketing Communications Director Tricia Davis Otis & Melissa Delhom Sabathier
Agency Media Person Melissa Guidry
Agency Account Executive Lauren Card & Michelle Clarke
Top Executive Erin Berning Allen
Prodution Coordinator Lauren Fornoff
Creative Services/Art Director/Copywriter Person Rob Hudak
Director/Producter/Developer/Creative Technical Person Ed Metz


Communications Support Person William Johnson
Most Promising Person Georgia Whiddon
Television Salesperson Jeanette Neves
Radio Salesperson Michelle Killian
Print Publication Salesperson Rodney J. Montz
Internet Salesperson Krista Pouncy
Other Media Salesperson Katie Stromboe
Promotions/Events Coordinator Janet Williams
Marketing Communications Director Terrell F. Fisher & Larry Lovell
Agency Media Person Maggie Gardner & Jordy Luft
Agency Account Executive Fran McManus
Top Executive Tom Martin
Prodution Coordinator Marjorie McMahon
Creative Services/Art Director/Copywriter Person Carrie Fox
Director/Producter/Developer/Creative Technical Person Trey Berning


Marketing Communications Director Leslie Doles
Agency Media Person Sony Landry
Agency Account Executive Leslie Veters
Top Executive Josh Mayer & Janet Fabre Smith
Prodution Coordinator Debra Parky
Creative Services/Art Director/Copywriter Person Rick Baxter
Director/Producter/Developer/Creative Technical Person Kell Remkes


Communications Support Person June Collins
Most Promising Person Nicholas Shapiro
Print Publication Salesperson Errin Erdal
Promotions/Events Coordinator Cheryn Robles
Agency Media Person Sonya Landry
Agency Account Executive Jeffrey Ory
Top Executive John Deveney
Prodution Coordinator Valerie Huntley
Creative Services/Art Director/Copywriter Person Shea Duet & Tony Norman
Ad Club Member Candace Burns


Communications Support Person Heidi Decker
Most Promising Person Michelle Cox
Television Salesperson Lee Sucherman & Leslie Clark
Radio Salesperson Jim Berry
Print Publication Salesperson Gisele Cosma
Promotions/Events Coordinator Aleis Tusa
Marketing Communications Director Jim Pittman
Agency Media Person Holly McCollum
Agency Account Executive Jennifer Bollinger
Top Executive Mark Romig
Prodution Coordinator Debra Parkey
Creative Services/Art Director/Copywriter Person Henry Chassaignac
Director/Producter/Developer/Creative Technical Person William Gilbert
Service Supplier Sales Person Kevin Alker


Communications Support Person Mary Lasseigne
Most Promising Person Bryan Holzwanger
Television Salesperson Jennifer Goundas
Radio Salesperson Staci Strauss
Print Publication Salesperson McKenzie Lovelace
Promotions/Events Coordinator Sabrina Smith
Marketing Communications Director Sandy Shilstone
Agency Media Person Joann Habisreitinger
Agency Account Executive Amy Boyle
Prodution Coordinator Brian McMillen
Creative Services/Art Director/Copywriter Person Josh Mayer & Juliet Nixon & Scott Gulle
Director/Producter/Developer/Creative Technical Person Larry Peter
Service Supplier Sales Person Kelli Wright


Communications Support Person June Collins
Most Promising Person Carla Hood
Television Salesperson Lourdes Keiffer
Promotions/Events Coordinator Kristen Lewis
Marketing Communications Director Eric Janecke
Agency Media Person Jim Elms
Agency Account Executive Lisa Picone
Top Executive Jimmie Phillips
Prodution Coordinator Shari Bickmann
Creative Services/Art Director/Copywriter Person Michael Rainey
Director/Producter/Developer/Creative Technical Person Alex Gonzales
Service Supplier Sales Person Rick Gillette


Communications Support Person Kaprena Abrams
Most Promising Person Riza Lacour
Television Salesperson Jim Goodland
Radio Salesperson Ron Asseo
Print Publication Salesperson Helen Smith
Marketing Communications Director Kate Wendel & Karyn Noles
Agency Media Person Lori Roberts
Agency Account Executive Fran McManus
Top Executive Scott McNulty
Prodution Coordinator Donne Ritchie
Creative Services/Art Director/Copywriter Person Lori Archer
Service Supplier Sales Person Jack Kerrigan


Most Promising Person Christina Murn
Television Salesperson Lori Roberts
Radio Salesperson Kenny Hurst
Print Publication Salesperson Jeanie Romig
Other Media Salesperson Ellery Ferrara
Marketing Communications Director Jeff Cohn
Agency Media Person Bill Askenberg
Agency Account Executive Rusty Galle
Creative Services/Art Director/Copywriter Person Stephanie Smiley
Director/Producter/Developer/Creative Technical Person Robert Berning & Jim Rumsfeld
Service Supplier Sales Person Cathy Brownlee
Creative Support Person Mona Laiche
Creative Technical George Matulik


*If you were an Ad Persons Award recipient and are not listed above, please contact us and we will update immediately.